General Setting 1
All alerts on or off.
General Setting 2
Push alerts to phone.
General Setting 3
Option 4
Listening pleasure
Cultured streaming
Enjoy all the music across genres from the culture; verse, poetry, prose, pop and folk; or discover what you will love next. All for FREE. Or show love for your favourite artists with a subscription or paid downloads you get to keep.
With granular control of content and events, better pay, direct pay, assortment of platforms for listening, analytics, copy protections and more, all the artists have to worry about here is nothing… except working on the next best thing.
Be scene
Full emersion beyond content consumption. An easy way for artists to list events, provide venue info and directions, share them and sell tickets. Fans get to enjoy a seamless purchase and entry process.
All in your hands

Listening. Managing content. Event management. Ticketing. Live streaming. Yup, there are apps for all that.

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